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“Maria has been grooming my dog Sampson for several months now, and I can say without hesitation that he has never looked better! People frequently stop us on the street to remark on how handsome he is, and Maria's grooming really lets him soak up the attention (much to his delight, of course). I have also noticed that he is quieter and better behaved with Maria than with other groomers, and he definitely prefers the at-home service. I like it too, as it saves both time and energy (ever tried to wrestle a squirming 22 lbs dog into a carrier for a trip to the groomer?) and my apartment is always left clean and dog-hair free. Sampson and I definitely recommend her services to anyone interested in a beautiful pet without the hassle and disruption of traditional out-of-home grooming.” Piper Beatty and Sampson


“It is my pleasure to recommend Maria as a Professional Pet Groomer. Maria has been our Shih-Tsu, Fluffy's, dog groomer for approximately 1 year. She is professional, prompt, courteous, and most importantly, she has a charming way with our pet. Fluffy, who was initially "nervous" at her grooming appointments, is totally relaxed, and actually seems to "enjoy" the experience!" Maria, who is a New York School of Dog Grooming Certified Dog Groomer, is very reassuring, and is totally cooperative with our needs! She grooms Fluffy as per our instructions, and is very able at her profession. She adheres to her appointment schedule, and has been insightful regarding our dogs' needs and behaviors. Prior to dealilng with Maria, our experience with groomers was not nearly as pleasant as it is today. It is fortuitous that our paths crossed and that she has become a fixed part of our calendar! I believe that everyone with whom Maria interacts professionally, will have a wonderful experience, and will become one of her extremely satisfied customers.” Judah Ausubel, DDS


“Maria has been grooming my dog for the past year. She is very sweet and gentle with my dog. She gives her a very good haircut and grooms her very well. For example, I live in Long Island and my friend from Brooklyn brought her dog to my house for Maria to groom.” Christine Romanelli


“No one can disagree that when Holly (short for AKC name Ms Holly-wood) steps out on the streets of Manhattan after Maria grooms her, she looks like such a starlet that all the boy pups are after her. Maria does an impeccable job when she grooms Holly and gives her a "doo" befitting her hollywood name. Most importantly, however, is to see the bonding process developing between Holly and Maria. This is coupled with the attention, tenderness, and concern Holly receives from Maria and this is truly what us pet owners strive for. I'm confident that this will be a lasting relationship.” R. Gattelaro


“I have known Maria for three years as she has been a dog groomer for Bella, our Havanese. Maria has kept her in top notch shape. She is kind, speaks softly and sweetly to Bella and does an outstanding job as a skilled groomer. Bella looks forward to Maria's visits and we feel very secure entrusting her care to her. Maria is reliable and telephones if she is even 5 minutes late. We totally recommend her for all your pet needs.” Myra and Allen Bernstein


“Maria has groomed my 2 year old Havanese, Max, several times. She does a wonderful job, is very careful, and takes her time to pay attention to every grooming detail. I have recommended her to several friends and neighbors who now use her and are equally pleased.” Wendy Rappel


“I highly recommend Maria for Pet Grooming. I have used her in the past and will continue to use her. She is very qualified and has always done a very good job with my Yorkie, PJ.” Mrs. Jeanne R. Bivona


“Maria has groomed our dog, Rummy, a Cavalier King Charles, for approximately one year. I have found Maria to be polite to us and exceptionally gentle and kind to Rummy. I am sure she will be equally wonderful to your dog.” The Quinton Family